North Palm

Northernmost Palm Tree

Front line troop of tropical expansion

Sweet Southern dreams floating into dormant Northern hibernation

Bolstered by hopes of rope and soil technology

An out of place missionary preaching tales of soft Gulf Stream breezes and salty sways of Tradewind kisses

How did you get so far North?

Set as a monument to our Post-Modern nomadic job wandering

A dropped waypoint reminder of happier times and sunnier climes

I want to wrap you in a blanket

And sing away frozen harshness and the salty road’s biting breath

I’d wipe away icicles and snow from your proud green fans of palm ancestry

You watch as your left and right neighbors fade into modest foliage drops and red leaf uselessness

You may not belong here, but your beauty transcends latitudinal confines

And on a cold December morning

Your sacrifice and deep-rooted disregard for your own struggles

Gives me hope

That Winter won’t last forever

And Summer will be here soon

You stand as proof that people and things are here for a reason

and they can evolve past their origin to fit any season