Dear Tick

Dear Tick has been published in Literary Yard.


Dear tick

like the herpes of the woods you seek to infect my life and vacation
I’m not your intended prey and I am not out looking for you

you take advantage of my desire to frolic and play
your presence makes me a prisoner of our own beautiful beach house

Unknown to me you seek an unsanctioned symbiosis
Claiming your right to jump a few links in the food chain

Go pick on a deer or a dog or something that won’t mind
I cringe at the thought of your engorged on my blood

A tenacious squatter you require minor surgery to remove
A civil war aid kit of tweezers and matches and pain

Head first you drink all you can of my life in stolen gulps
you get fat on me and I may not even notice

somehow when I flush you down the toilet after i’ve uncovered your plot
I know your life will still continue and your hunt will not end

Waiting quietly with endless insect patience
your mind blank with blood lust

You pause for opportunity to simply brush by
a silent ride of survival in a flea eat dog world