Bluefish has been published in Literary Yard.


The bluefish is a noble mighty beast
not kingly like a lion or tuna
not deadly like shark or puma

you are a handsome fish
rugged lines of muscle and power
big brawny bodies
mimic the pumped up muscles of strip mall gym patrons

but your workout is sincere
not in it for vanity or “fitness”
you move to survive
your each motion a poetic blast of evolutionary desire
an exercise in efficiency and power

you see what you want and allow the energies of the universe
to spin your entire network into an uncontrollable frenzy of feast and slaughter

even the birds well removed from your sphere of knowledge and influence
react to the pace you set below the choppy waters

your appetite is so vicious it chases the prey completely out of the ocean
in vertical leaps of hope, desperation, and fear

you strike panic in all

all but me

when I see you work for your lunch your magic energy soaks into my being
and my own muscles shout with attacking joy
my generations of human ancestors have devised mechanisms
designed to trick and capture you

with ease I fool you and rip you into my world
but your regal beauty would never quit so easily
you thrash and pound the floor of the boat next to your dead co-workers

I take a historic wooden bat
and look you in the eyes
and strike with a blow
that pays respect to your journey
and I satisfy your hunger for you